The purest way to benefit from investing like Warren Buffett is to bring your money directly to Buffett.  The most likely way for you to engage the investment skills of Buffett is to own the shares of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. directly.  If you were to do so, the best way to hold the shares is in the form of a certificate issued by Berkshire's stock transfer agent and registered in the name of the owning individual, corporation, partnership, or trust.

    This is not a recommendation or a solicitation to invest in individual securities, Warren Buffett, or Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  The price you pay for any security relative to the underlying value has a lot to do with the success of any investment, especially in the short term, (less than five years).  Buffettology is about the study of Buffett’s investment behavior and how he approaches investing rather than the analysis of individual securities and as such, there is no opinion being offered on the merit of any individual security.

    Principled in Buffettology is not endorsed by Warren Buffett or Berkshire Hathaway Inc.   Talisman™ has no affiliation direct or indirect with Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  Principled in Buffettology is not an assurance of Buffett like performance, in fact, there is a strong likelihood that the performance results will be less than those earned by Buffett or by owning Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shares directly.

    There are those who would like to believe that they may be the next Warren Buffett; we are not among them.  It is the personal opinion of David Atwood that it will be extremely difficult for any investor to duplicate Buffett’s results.  The best we can do is to replicate Buffett like behavior by staying focused within our narrow range of competence and identifying the investment managers we believe to be most Buffett like in their approach to investing.

    Each individual investor is encouraged to understand the risks of investing in any security before they consider a purchase.  For detailed investment disclosure please read the following link,