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    At the tender age of 18, David chose a career path in hospitality management.  From the beginning, David was committed to going through life in the service of others.  David came to realize that formal training in hospitality was a natural fit for delivering what people need or want in the financial services industry.

    The early idea was to anticipate needs - and deliver optimal service - without clients having to ask.  The recipe remains in place today.
    Very early on it became apparent that a career in financial services would involve a lifetime of continuing education.  Training in financial services started in 1984 and included license qualifying exams and courses required for designations or accreditation in the general insurance industry, the life insurance industry, mutual funds, securities, and in the study of financial planning.
    Independent minded from the outset, David started a successful general insurance brokerage, "The Insurance People."  During this period David was invited to participate in round table discussions about the future of the general insurance industry hosted by the Consumers Association of Canada and Canadian Insurance Magazine.  Canadian Insurance had published articles written by David on several different occasions.  In 1995, after recognizing a growing trend toward commoditization of the general insurance industry, David sold the general insurance practice and turned his focus exclusively to the more value accretive, wealth management industry.
    David continued to serve as a Vice-president Mutual Funds for the national trade association, the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada, where he had been a member since 1987.  During the 12 years of David's service as a director he was able to directly influence regulators and the cutting edge of developments within the financial services industry.  David authored the position paper for his trade association responding to regulators on the development of a new self-regulatory body, the Mutual Fund Dealers Association.  Among David's most notable accomplishments was the lobbying and successful adoption of several key recommendations which have provided lasting benefits for Canadian investors and throughout the Canadian wealth management industry.
    David was invited to be a member of the President's Council for the Investment Centre, a predecessor to Cartier Partners and later Dundee Private Investors Inc.  During his current tenure with FundEX Investments Inc., David has been invited by three successive management teams to sit on the FundEX Advisory Council.  The FundEX Advisory Council provides a small number of advisors with the opportunity to interact with management and influence decisions on the direction of an industry leading national mutual dealership and to interact with senior management and the strategic positioning of the fourth largest insurance company in Canada.
    David is dedicated to helping his clientele secure their financial goals through careful planning and prudent investing.  As the founder of myTalisman™, David has organized a unique network of professional relationships, including PEACE™ and Talisman Investment Planning™, for the purpose of assisting his clients.  David continues to develope greater understanding around the subjects of investing and insurance by reading and practicing daily as part of his ongoing education,  and attending the Berkshire Hathaway annual general meeting hosted by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger every year since 1998.